The LibreOffice infrastructure comprises the websites, services and tools used by the community to develop and support the software. Our infrastructure team is critical to the project and is always open to new contributors.

Whether you want to suggest an improvement, add a feature or fix a bug, getting involved is easy:

  1. Join our IRC channel: #tdf-infra
  2. Say who you are and what areas interest you
  3. If it's quiet on IRC (eg if it's evening where most people are) then also subscribe to our mailing list and say hello there

You will probably want to create a single sign-on (SSO) account, as explained in this video (or watch on our infrastructure).

Thanks in advance for your help! Areas to get involved in include:

Helping out with the LibreOffice infrastructure provides you with valuable experience in the field of system administration, in one of the biggest free software projects, and provides a strong foundation for developing and promoting LibreOffice and open document standards.